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Run Android on an iPhone? Project Sandcastle makes it possible »ERdC

Run Android on an iPhone? Project Sandcastle makes it possible

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Manzana is known for providing products with Patented features and hardware in closed form. The Cupertino-based giant tries to secure every detail on its iPhones, be it the iOS software, Lightning port, or processors to keep a total control of the ecosystem. However, a group of dedicated people have managed to break through Apple's retaining walls and they have accomplished a feat: that a iPhone run Android 10. This was called Sandcastle project in the iPhone 7 series.

Android 10 runs on an iPhone thanks to Sandcastle project

The Sandcastle Project was this great effort carried out by a team of people called Corellium. The team is best known for their previous work that involved carrying the Android operating system to the original iPhone. So, you can see a recurring working philosophy here, but now Android 10 is available on the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple iPod Touch.

The project I used the checkra1n software intensively to jailbreak the iPhone 7 series. In this way, the Android operating system could be installed on the devices. It doesn't just stop here, as the developer group also working to include other iPhone models on the list. But for now, only these three devices will be available to run Android 10, since these Apple phones have taken a couple of years to receive an update to correct vulnerabilities that were exploited by Corellium.

Still not stable

Technically the latest iPhone models can be hacked. However, the above does not make sense since "Apple will fix it with an update”Quickly. Unfortunately, the Android installation on the iPhone 7 series is not stable at the moment. Result in that certain main features not working correctly. These include essential functions like Bluetooth, audio, mobile data networks and camera.

Also, the GMS (Google Mobile Services) alsolittle are compatible with iPhone 7 series. At the moment there is also no custom recovery to flash devices. Finally, all the data and the Android operating system itself will be lost when you restart the device, which will take you back to iOS, which lacks the storage occupied by the Android installation.

Taking into account the above, the process is still in beta version. It is not recommended to use it in a terminal that we have for daily use. At the moment the best is let development continue and see if they can solve the problems that have arisen.


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