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Play to help scientists find a cure for coronavirus

We are in a few days when the attention of millions of people are on the coronavirus and on those scientists who are looking for a vaccine for it. You may help these scientists by playing this puzzle called

And we are going to make an exception this time, and it should because it is not an Android game. Yes, it can be installed on Windows, Linux and MacOS, and if we present it, it's to do our bit to reach more people around the planet. If you can share this game, we would appreciate it. Go for it.

Find a cure for coronavirus with

And while we spend hours playing our favorite games, like yesterday's new KING game, the truth is that none of us usually have a real effect on our lives. In other words, everything is within the same game. It is this time when your games can have an effect and we are going to explain how you are going to help scientists with

The goal is to design proteins that can be used as antiviral agents against coronavirus or COVID-19. Let's say that the exact shape is very important for proteins, but difficult to do because a chain of proteins has different possibilities. For you to understand it better, imagine an origami.

You are given a piece of paper with a pattern on it and you are ordered to make a dragon without any instruction. The pattern can give you some clue, but let's say it doesn't help much. What you do have are some basic rules to follow, but they can be applied in many ways. You could snap them together to finally create the dragon, or you could just stand there and not be able to create that needy figure.

It is for this very reason that computers are not used, since they are not able to understand the forms well. And this is where our brains are able to match images and shapes in an easier way.

I mean, that the more people play any game can find the exact protein to perfectly fit the one needed to create a cure for coronavirus.

How to download and play

We have to tell you that currently the server fallen to the large influx of people coming in to play it.

The link is this: fold it

The download for Windows: