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LG Announces 98 8K SUPER UHD TV

From booth 8204, in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2016, LG has announced its first SUPER UHD TV with 8K resolution and 98 inches, and exhibits its latest range of IPS LED TVs, consisting of the 65-inch UH9500, the 86-inch UH9550, and the 65 and 75-inch SUPER UHD UH8500 and UH8550 resolution models, respectively.

As an opening on these new proposals from South Korea, it is worth mentioning that TV distribution with 8K resolution will start in the second half of 2016.

About Premium SUPER UHD models, spokesmen for the company have highlighted that offer a higher color rendering ratioThey include functionalities to improve the reproduction of images and sounds, such as HDR (High Dynamic Range), and feature the attractive ULTRA Slim design.

And regarding UH9500 and UH9550 models have the most advanced IPS LED panels with technologies such as True Black Panel and Contrast Maximizer. The first of these, True Black Panel, is an exclusive LG technology that reduces reflections and improves contrast ratio, ensuring a more comfortable viewing experience for the viewer. For its part, Contrast Maximizer allows you to reproduce images with more contrast and depth by separating the objects from their background.

LG UH9500 and LG UH9550

These two new LG TVs feature HDR Plus, the technology that enables them to display 4K HDR content in an optimal, realistic way at its finest. What's more, thanks to LG Ultra Luminance technology, which improves the contrast between dark and light areas, the HDR effect reaches an even higher level.

In addition, they come with ColorPrime Plus technologies (to improve color reproduction as it widens the range of colors displayed on the screen) and Billion Rich Colors (to display more than a billion colors).

In addition to the above, this pair of copies have support for BT.2020, the new television signal emission standard that prepares televisions for the future and offers them a greater capacity for color reproduction; and they incorporate HDMI ports compatible with HDR and SDR to HDR converter, so that users can enjoy HDR-like content from any standard source.

In terms of particularities, the UH9500 model applies the new design concept of LG and reaches the market much thinner than its predecessor, by reducing the space between the panel and the rear chassis. The combination of its ultra-thin 6.6-millimeter-deep screen and its almost invisible edges gives the feeling that the TV is floating in the air.

Along with these design innovations, the new LG TV stands out for its powerful sound quality. The result of collaboration with audio experts Harman / Kardon, the speaker system of this model offers great sound quality with a wide range of nuances, quality that is further completed with the benefits of LG's new Magic Sound Tuning functionality , which measures and analyzes the environment where the user is located to adjust the sound to the specific conditions of the environment.

LG UH8500 and LG UH8550

This pair of equipment comes with many of the functionalities of the UH9500 and UH9550 models, such as ColorPrime Plus, Billion Rich Colors, ULTRA Luminance and Contrast Maximizer with a very similar design.

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