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IPhones will slow down in 2017!

Recall that the big apple brand has confirmed that said company slows down older iPhones through software updates, this is supposed to prevent the phones from restarting or turning off unexpectedly due to the deterioration of the batteries, although many believe that It is for those users who have an iPhone from several years old, to change to one of the newer ones.

Thanks to the complaints, demands and fines as well as promises, there was talk of a performance manager which would not be necessary for the new iPhones of last year although, the company explained that the advanced design of the new iPhones supposedly allows to avoid a blackout unexpected.

Now apparently everything will change and that is that in the week, the company updated its page indicating that from the iOS 12.1 version, the iPhone 8 devices and its plus version as well as iPhone X will include this function so in theory these terminals will be slowed down.

The good thing is that if you still want to change the battery of your iPhone, you have until the next December 31 of this year to take advantage of the replacement discount having an official price of 649 pesos for iPhone 6 or later.

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