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Infinite lives are given away in Candy Crush by the coronavirus quarantine

By surprise, without warning and simply when opening the game, this is the King's announcement that you can see below in which the developers say it very clearly:

They do not refer to the coronavirus but it is clear that those responsible are aware of how boring we can get and, above all, of the infinite hours that we can fill with their fun arcade game.

What can I do to claim this reward?

The truth is there is no manual way to claim this reward which, on the other hand, is appearing randomly. That is, both on iOS and Android, when opening the game, players see the window and can get hold of this item, which is temporary. Specifically, it lasts a week or 150 hours, which is the counter that appears when activated.

On the other hand, it seems that the most active players are at first that they are being rewarded for their trust. As we indicated, the truth is that the criteria that King is applying is a mystery but we assume that they do not want all the accounts of all the players to get to order the same item at the same time and saturate their systems.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga, a real lifeguard in quarantine

It is likely that long ago you vitiated yourselves to the title of candies and chocolates, and you have forgotten it since then. It is undoubtedly one of the lose more effective hours If we already begin to not know what to do in the long hours of home confinement due to quarantine.

We also have to confess that opening it again to check this reward has made us notice that those levels where we leave it impossible are unusually easy. You can remember that there were a few hundred screens, get ready because now there are more than 4000 levels ready for you to demonstrate your skill. You will also be reunited with the ranking with your Facebook friends – discovering that some never stopped playing – and dozens of new modes, events and new items that the game now has.

What has not lost a bit is the ability to hook, so prepare yourselves because many hours await you now that no problem running out of lives and it won't be necessary for your friends to send them to you.