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How to repair your iPhone, iPad or Mac now if the Apple Store is closed?

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We are facing an exceptional situation and extreme measures have had to be taken. Apple has been forced to close all Apple Stores in the world for weeks to try to avoid infections and this can be a big problem for users. Yes, it is true that it may not be the right time to buy a new device, there are more important things, but, What happens if my iPhone breaks down and I need to repair it?

It can be very important since you may have to use your devices to work, iPad and Mac can be very useful in these periods of teleworking and if they are damaged they can cause problems.

What to do if you have to repair your Apple device?

It is a delicate problem and the first thing you should do is analyze it in depth. If it is a minor problem and you can continue using your device normally, our advice is to wait a few weeks until everything is normalized and the Apple Store reopens.

But if your problem is serious and your iPhone, iPad or Mac needs to be repaired urgently, Apple still gives us repair options.

Contact Apple support

Although activity in the Apple Store has been temporarily halted by the virus, the support center is still in full swing. This means that you can contact Apple Support Go by phone or chat via the official Apple website to ask any questions.

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In case you have to repair a device, they will tell you how to proceed as it is still possible. A messenger from Apple pick up your device at your front doorI will take it to repair and return it to you when it is fixed. However, due to current circumstances, this process may take longer than normal depending on the device. it may take 3 to 4 weeks to return it.

It is also possible that some Apple authorized repair centers are currently operating, depending on your city you should try to contact them to check whether or not you can send your device to repair. From the Apple support website you can also find these services.

If your device is already being repaired, how can you get it back?

There may also be another problem, that your iPhone, iPad or Mac was in the process of being repaired and you were scheduled to pick it up in the next few days in an Apple Store, that will certainly not be possible. Nevertheless Apple made sure before closing stores that this was resolved. reporting that "If your device is ready to be picked up or is waiting for parts, a team member will contact you with details."

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We do not know how to proceed Apple in each case, it is possible that in some countries you can go to the Apple Store to pick it up although it is closed, but in others like Spain this is impossible since you can not go out on the street more than for certain issues . In this case Apple will most likely contact you to send the repaired device homeAlthough you can always see the status of your repair and speak to an expert from the Apple support website.

As you see Apple continues to offer options to repair your iPhone, iPad or Mac Furthermore, it seems that this has been in contact with its associated centers to ensure that there are no problems with the repairs. If it is essential, these are the steps to follow, but if it is not, we reiterate, it is better to wait a few weeks.