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How to insert multiple images in the same Instagram story

Those images, with a durability of 24 hours, have their history, worth the redundancy. Many know that its origin took place in the photographs of Snapchat, So this way, Instagram captured those features and implemented them in their app. Same duration, incorporation of filters in the images and other photographic effects.

The truth is that, to this day, it offers endless options to create true wonders. Hundreds of effects, the ability to add songs, GIFs, a countdown, polls and even donations. Now a new option is added to superimpose one image on anotherThat is, once we have taken a photograph, add another one on top.

Not that there is one way, but two. Although both methods have a different approach, one within the app and the other externally, we are sure that they have not been discovered by many of the users. Therefore, we are going to analyze them carefully.

Upload multiple photos with Layout

This app worked independently from Instagram, but a few months ago it was implemented within the operation of the stories. Thanks to this option, we can publish two or more images in several different ways and montages.

To do this, we go to upload a story, and down in the photo modes we slide to the right until we find ‘Design’ or ‘Layout’, depending on the language of each app. Once there, we have countless montages to combine several images with each other, with a collage mode included. At the same time, they can be photographs taken on the spot or images imported from the gallery.

How to insert and superimpose images

With the previous method, very agile and simple to use by the way, we can only place the image in each established quadrant, but with this method we talk about superimposing them and adjusting them to our liking. And for this, we will use an external app that works perfectly for this purpose.

The app in question is Toolkit, an all-in-one that has several tools to improve the benefits of our Instagram profile. Specifically, we are going to use one for this occasion, called Gbox.

With the app installed, we go to Gbox, and we grant you the necessary permissions for its use. Once that is done, we go to Instagram and proceed to upload a story, it does not matter if it is made at the same time or imported from the gallery. Well, since we have chosen one to upload, now we change from our default keyboard to that of Gbox, through a long press on the space bar.

Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox

Toolkit for Instagram - Gbox

With this, we appear at the bottom the icon of a galley, and from there we insert as many images as we want, being able to adjust the size and the inclination of each one. Thanks to this, we can create montages or memes in an instant, informal, but at the same time striking.