Qué es Hangouts Meet

Google offers free Hangouts Meet for coronavirus

What is Hangouts Meet

You can know what is Hangouts Meet, the videoconferencing service that Sundar Pichai has announced to give free access to its advanced features to companies and schools so that they can have online videoconferences. It is all due to the coronavirus.

The main reason, apart from being a great marketing strategy, is due to how coronavirus is forcing a multitude of companies to connect online from home through video calls. And if there are already very interesting options such as Zoom, or Microsoft's own, this Google move is more than interesting to have this free platform until June 1.

What is Hangouts Meet

What is Hangouts

We all know what Hangouts is, that video conferencing service that a few years ago was the best way to communicate between coworkers or colleagues. But Google released Hangout Meets for link it deeply as the video conferencing tool for G Suite and Google Classroom users.

Among some of the most important features of Hangouts Meet we find:

  • Meetings of a large number of users: You can count on calls of up to 250 participants.
  • Live streaming of up to 100,000 viewers through a domain.
  • The ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive.

These features are usually available in the Enterprise edition G Suite and G Suite Enterprise for Education. But it is in these moments and circumstances so special when they are available at no cost to all customers until July 1, 2020.

What is Hangouts

In fact we have this app Hangouts Meet on both Android and iOS. In other words, having G suite in basic mode we can access the Enterprise functions and they cost more than € 20 per user.

The important thing about this announcement is that from the G Suite Basic option, and which has a cost of € 5 a month, we will be able to access those important videoconferencing features for free until the date indicated by Sundar Pichai himself; In any case, we also recommend Zoom, although it has its limits and is for small groups.

With basic G Suite we have access to 30GB of cloud storage, the entire office suite Google, access from any device, offline function, compatible with Microsoft Office and centralized management console. Logically without ads, being able to enter from the mobile, and technical assistance for 24 hours.

Sundar Pichai's announcement


It is clear that this is great news for those schools, universities and corporations that they use G Suite in its most basic format and that they will be able to take advantage of the conference properties of Hangout Meets.

Yes Sundar Pichai has announced this measure is to provide facilities, and thus in passing to present a tool that has been left aside before the same from Microsoft, in these moments in which many companies are moving tab so that their workers can work from home. This is what triggers the need for tools such as Meets that allow conferences between all colleagues in a company.

Everything has been motivated by coronavirus and we will have to see what it turns out to be when it appears that it is a virus that could be part of our lives as it is the flu itself. That is, seasonally. If so, teleworking and being at home would be the norm in many countries or around the world.