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Fuhu to market Nabi tablets from 42 to 65 inches this year


Fuhu to market Nabi tablets from 42 to 65 inches this year

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January 7, 2015

We can not say that Fuhu is a very popular manufacturer, but it is that in recent times it has become known for its different proposals in terms of the size of its tablets. This same summer, the company launched its last two 20-inch and 24-inch Nabi models, especially designed as entertainment and teaching centers for children, although with a much wider range of applications. If we thought that they were already very large, they prepare for this 2015 tablets with sizes ranging from 42 at 65 inches.

If you thought that the 20 or 24 inches of the last Nabi Big Tab They were outrageous, surely you are hallucinating with the new claims of Fuhu. And we are not surprised, what they propose requires a change of mentality, it is not a tablet that is going to be used regularly. Fuhu hopes that in addition to the use by the smallest of the house that has always characterized their models, they can reach the business and home both in the kitchen and in the living room.

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In the kitchen they would serve as a control center for household appliances, as well as a way to see recipes live or download the necessary ingredients for a dish that we want to cook. In the living room, things are even clearer, since they would compete with the Smart tv with the advantage of being tactile and having access to Google play full. Like any other screen with these dimensions, they could be used to watch movies, series, videos or any type of multimedia content, also to play games or carry out educational activities. Surely, you can think of many other uses that could be given in a professional setting or at school.

The screens of the larger models, those of 55 and 65 inches would be manufactured by LG, a company consecrated in this regard, at the end of the screen is the main and most delicate component of a team with these dimensions. Also, they would have connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth and NFCas well as resolution Ultra HD, which guarantees a fairly high image quality. It is one of the most interesting proposals of what we have from CES, the only problem we find is its price, $ 699-3,999. A tablet has a useful life of about 3-4 years, less than a TV, and having to spend this money to renew it every so often is not feasible.

Via: TalkAndroid