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Facebook is testing new joint feature with Instagram

We explain how to link Instagram with Facebook

Like a good big brother, Facebook will experience a new feature on its smaller relative Instagram, as the Stories format is taking more and more prominence.

It's been a long time since the stories you upload to Instagram can be automatically shared on Mark Zuckerberg's mother social network, however, there was no way to do it vice versa … until now.

Because Facebook is trying to incorporate a button so that its Stories go to the image platform too, thus generating a total integration.

This could on the one hand save time on posts on both networks and also increase the base of the Instagram algorithm to rate the main stories.

A group of analysts also see that this is a move by Facebook to increase its presence as owner of the image and video platform.

Facebook stories, Instagram stories and WhatsApp status had 500 million daily users for a year, which almost doubles what Snapchat did in one year: 218 million users.

A Facebook spokesperson told Techcrunch site that "the company is now formally testing the cross-posting feature to make it easier to share moments with the people it cares about, since people may have different audiences and followers on Facebook versus Instagram. Facebook will continue to explore options to simplify and improve how Stories works in its applications. That means it is out of the prototyping phase only in-house and is now being tested with users in the wild. "

Other analysts see these efforts by Facebook at an initial kick to make the crossing bigger: the messenger between Messenger, WhatsApp and the internal Instagram chat. The latter has long been the best-kept secret in the industry and would account for Mark Zuckerberg's desire to become ultra dominator of global conversations, neutralizing his competitors Google and China's WeChat.

For now, we may only see shared between Stories platforms in the immediate future.

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