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All the releases expected for iOS 14

By June with the introduction of WWDC 2020, iOS 14, Apple's next operating system for iPhone and iPad, is expected to debut.

However, multiple leaks within the development team that is working on the OS that will replace iOS 13 realize some things that we already know may be added.

The specialized site MacRumors is one of those that has been in charge of collecting these news, and here we deliver some of those:

  • Default third-party apps: "The change would allow apps like Google Chrome and Gmail to be set as default apps on iOS devices, so tapping a link or email address won't open Apple's own apps. The change will also It would allow the music applications used with HomePod to work with Siri, something that is currently limited to Apple Music. "
  • Fitness App: “A new exercise app for iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV that is designed to allow users to download exercise-related guided videos that will guide them through various workouts. The application, whose code name is "Seymour", can be called Fit or Fitness when it launches. "
  • New messaging features: “There is a new Slack-like mentoring system that will allow users to tag contacts with their name as @ eric. In busy group chat, this feature will allow you to mute the conversation but receive push notifications when direct mentions are included "
  • Improved mouse cursor support: "Apple will expand support for the cursor to make using a mouse or trackpad on iOS similar to using a mouse or trackpad on the Mac. There will be a touch-to-click function, a click gesture Right, multiple pointers that change depending on what you're doing, and more. ”
  • Updates to the PencilKit: "allow users to write text by hand in any text input field using Apple Pencil, with the content written by hand and then converted to standard text before sending it."
  • Custom voice synthesizers.
  • Performance and quality improvements.
  • Be compatible with all the same iPhones as iOS 13, including older devices such as iPhone SE and iPhone 6s.

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