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5 apps (that are not the typical ones) to face the Alarm State

It seems that the Alarm status decreed in Spain will go long. The #YoMeQuedoEnCasa campaign and the like make us aware of the importance of keeping the minimum contact to try to avoid spreading the virus, but how do we kill time? How do we make it compatible with our work? Especially for those whose position has been paralyzed.

In this post we bring you five ideal applications; beware, they are not the typical ones like Netflix, Spotify and others, but we have tried to scratch a little more to bring you apps that you may not know.

Applications to escape at home during the Alarm State

JustWatch – Find which platform each show or movie is on

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With home confinement many would have given up to pick up abandoned series or just start new ones. But in the vast majority of occasions we are not very clear in what service each one is, since in recent years more and more alternatives have appeared.

To put some order we can trust Justwatch, an app (also web page) with a search engine that tells us what platform the series or movie is currently on that we introduce.

It also has an interesting recommendation system since it allows us to mark which platforms we are subscribed to filter the results.

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Voicepop, transcribe WhatsApp audio notes

Being at home, you may have relatives around you and you don't feel like playing this audio note that your friend just sent you in front of everyone.

If you are in that situation, or it just hurts to hit play right now, you may want to use the app Voicepop, what precisely convert the text sent to you by WhatsApp into text, instantly showing you the transcript of it.

Just hold down the message containing the voice memo, tap Share (or Forward and then Share) and select Voicepop to bring up a lower window that solves the mystery.

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It should be noted that Voicepop is only available on iOS; We have left you an alternative for Android that works in the same way.