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Zombies disappear from Call of Duty Mobile, but come back

Zombies disappear from Call of Duty Mobile, but come back

cod mobile will eliminate zombie mode

When Call of Duty Mobile opens in October of last year, one of the things that fantastic people insistently to be included in the game was the classic zombie mode of this saga. It was then on November 22 when Activision, the company responsible for the game, launched the zombie mode of Call of Duty Mobile to please the fans.

However, it is clear that Activision was never convinced by zombie mode, because now the company has announced that they will eliminate it from the game this March 25. So, if you liked the zombie mode of COD Mobile, go preparing to say goodbye, although it may return soon according to its developers.

Why will zombies disappear from COD Mobile? Volvern?

zombies mode call of duty mobile

According to the report published by Activision on Reddit, COD Mobile's zombie mode was never definitive. Although at no time did they give an exact period of availability, they always let the community know that zombie mode was limited and that somebody would eliminate it, as it has ended up happening. The reason? Never reached the level of quality that Activision wanted and the reception of the players regarding the mode was not the best.

Therefore, instead of dedicating hours of work to improve it, the development team prefer to focus on polishing other game modes, such as multiplayer, Battle Royale and ranking modes. However, the company does not rule out that in the future the zombie mode will return to COD Mobile, although they admit that they must improve it enough for that to happen. Thus, the global launch of the second map in this way, Nacht Der Untoten, has also been postponed indefinitely until the zombie mode returns.

cod mobile zombie mode

The zombies are going out of style …

This news comes at an interesting time, as the director of the zombie mode of Call of Duty, Jason Blundell, has recently left Activision. In addition, the last Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare, is the first game in the franchise that doesn't include zombie mode from Call of Duty: Ghosts. So, surely, Activision is thinking of neglecting this classic way to focus on new ideas and attract new players.

Anyway, the fans of the saga have not seen with great eyes this decision. Some have even claimed the company, because Much of the money they invest in COD Mobile is to have fun with zombie mode. Anyway, we will see if Activision retracts sooner than expected or if it remains firm with the decision to eliminate the zombie mode of the Call of Duty as a risky move to reach a larger public.