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YouTube for Android changes the way forward and backward in videos

Youtube is one of the most used applications on our phones and any modification in the interface of the same usually causes a stir.

The latter has missed many users, who believed that their mobile phones were malfunctioning since without any apparent visual change they have begun to react differently to how they did so far.

Different options to move in the video

So far we had three ways to move forward or backward in the video.

The first was the option of press twice in the right or left zone to go back 10 seconds or advance them. The second era click on the red dot which indicates the moment of the video we are watching and move it to one side or another.

The last one was to be able touch any point on the time bar which was shown in the lower area so that the video skipped at that time. And we speak in the plural because since version 13.27.54 this is not possible.

For some reason, we do not know if intentional or if it is an error, YouTube no longer allows us to simply scroll through its videos in the Android application. Of course, they have added another way that is to press and hold at some point on the bar and, without releasing, slide your finger to one side or another. The effect achieved is similar to what we had before but harder to achieve.

We wanted to check if it was a function that has been modified from more sites but it is not. In the desktop interface we can continue pressing anywhere in the time bar to jump to that moment, either forward or backward.

This new form of interaction resembles that of YouTube and other iOS applications and it is possible that it has been modified to avoid accidental jumps when you accidentally press on the screen.

Hopefully YouTube for Android will re-implement the old option in future modifications of the application since although we can continue moving dragging the red dot of the current moment there are many users who have missed, and complained, of this change.