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Tronsmart Onyx ACE, will they be the best bluetooth headphones for less than $ 29? »ERdC

Tronsmart Onyx ACE, will they be the best bluetooth headphones for less than $ 29?

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Lately we have a wide assortment of wireless bluetooth headphones, so Trosnmart does not want to be left behind launching its new ONYX ACE With a great price and design.

They are bluetooth headphones with technology TWS, with a fairly aesthetic semi-in-white design in white and the typical little stick, in the style of other models that we have seen throughout the year.

They also have four microphones to maintain a better quality at the level of wireless conversation with greater noise cancellation and get a better experience with a deeper sound. Also bring the chip Qualcomm aptX, with which to improve the sending of the audio through the wireless connection through the Bluetooth, which in this case arrives in the v5.0.

I have to say first of all, that one of my favorite products of the brand was the T6 + You can also check our website, without doubt one of the best bluetooth speakers of the brand.


As for the design many prefer a total in-ear finish and others semi-in-ear as the case of the Onyx Ace. All this will depend on the activities that are going to be performed with them or simply which one is more comfortable to the ear.

They carry a fairly compact charging base with 4 LEDs that will indicate the battery percentage, where the manufacturer ensures that you can give us up to 24 hours, based on a 50% volume and with up to 5 hours of autonomy for each charge cycle, being a fairly correct fact to not always be depending on the battery in a long way.

Thanks to TWS, you can use both at the same time or only one of them, being able to answer calls regardless of which one you have individually, since they have independent microphones for such action.


Speaking of this, the microphones are going to provide us with that cancellation of ambient noise to have the best sound quality by maintaining a telephone conversation from the headphones. These four microphones assure us a clear and clear voice, reducing the ambient sound

It also does not ensure low latency and less battery consumption, although all this must be tested in depth in a complete review to see the behavior at the level of delays in apps such as YouTube or Netflix.

Another important thing is the automatic detection when placed in the ear, that is, to detect when you have them on or off and in this way if you are hearing or seeing something in Youtube, the song or video will pause automatically until you put them back on, so that you don't miss anything in this way.


As it is being common in this type of bluetooth headphones, we do not have any physical button, the only way to change songs, pause them or answer calls, be through gestures with different keystrokes or touches in the little stick

From here you can also increase or decrease the volume and even access the Google assistant No need to touch your smartphone.