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This concept brings us an iPhone 12 without notch and with rear screen

concepto iPhone 12 pantalla trasera

iPhone 12 rear screen concept

IPhone concepts don't always have to conform to reality, sometimes these designers rely on rumors to show how the iPhone of the future can look, and other times just let your imagination fly. The concept we show you today belongs to this second group.

This means that it is practically impossible for Apple to launch an identical iPhone that we see in these images that Andrea Copellino has created, however it makes us think about whether it would be a good idea for Apple to implement something similar in some future version of your star smartphone.

If this iPhone stands out for something it is for have a small rear screen next to the cameras that could be very useful in a great number of occasions. In addition there are also a couple of novelties that are more likely, such as a design without notch and a redesign of the volume buttons that will bet on a touch surface.

An iPhone that we have never imagined

The first noticeable change is on the screen, Andrea is committed to a design without notch that we love and that we certainly hope to see on future iPhone, however don't tell us how to hide Face ID in the thin upper frames. In addition to this detail, the device format also changes to a more elongated screen, from the current 19.5: 9 to 21: 9.

iPhone concept

However, the great novelty and innovation that this concept has given us is located on the back of the device. The module with three cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro expands horizontally to occupy the entire width of the device. Thus we will have an extra space to add two more photographic sensors and a small screen in the right zone.

In this small screen we can see everything, from notifications to our own face when we take a picture. Maybe for that reason there seems to be no front camera on this iPhone, who needs it can be done selfies with the 5 cameras that we have behind.


But the innovations do not stop here and it is that the classic side buttons to increase and decrease the volume, as well as the silence switch that has always accompanied the iPhone, also change in this concept. In this case we have a touch control that works by gestures, if we slide up we increase the volume, down we lower it and inward we put the iPhone in silence. It will also work by pressing them like the current ones.


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It is certainly an interesting concept that introduces some innovations that we have never seen, but unfortunately the chances of seeing something like this are slim, practically null. As an idea it is very good, but having a screen on the back of the device is not the most practical in the world, besides the physical buttons have proven to be useful and easy to use, especially when the iPhone is in a pocket or in a table. If you want to see some iPhone 12 Pro more realistic concept, this one that we showed you a few weeks ago is very impressive.