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These Adidas and Google templates make you play FIFA

One of the great desires of the videogame industry is that everyday life is increasingly transformed into a game. One of the things we do for sport is to run behind a ball in disciplines such as football, basketball or American football. But do you imagine that our movements would begin to be registered and allow us to take everything to an immersive experience?

That is part of what Google and EA Sports are doing with the GMR insoles of the German sports shoe brand Adidas, which allow to add functions and points in the FIFA Mobile game.

All this thanks to Google's Jacquard formula, specializing in wearable technology, implemented in some Levi’s jackets and a Yves Saint Lauren backpack, which allows you to call or play music.


“Jacquard takes common and familiar objects and improves them with new skills and digital experiences, while remaining true to his original purpose: to be your jacket, backpack or the pair of favorite shoes that you love to wear. Our ambition is simple: make life easier. By staying connected to your digital world, your things can do much more. Play a song by sliding your sleeve. Take a picture by touching a shoulder strap. Receive a reminder about the phone you left forgotten with a flicker of light or an optical hum in your bracelet, ”says Google about this technology.

What these Adidas GMR templates do

Specifically, these Adidas templates are connected with Jacquard and the EA Sports FIFA Mobile game:

Pack_GMR_Multicolour_FS0156_01_standard (1)
  • Record what you do in the field and help your team climb the EA Sports FIFA Mobile ranking.
  • Unlock new challenges: compete for first place in the overall ranking and create your own league to compare your progress with those of your friends.
  • Be part of the football elite and be part of the general classification. Unleash your potential on the pitch and make your team the most fearsome opponent of the game.
  • Unlock an exclusive player card from Paulo Dybala, selected Argentine and Juventus star.

The Adidas GMR insoles pack will be worth $ 39.74 dollars.

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