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The Government answer questions about the coronavirus on Twitter


Twitter Seek to be an information channel in the face of the crisis of coronavirus, and from this social network the Government resolve doubts that Internet users may have, through Fernando Simn, the director of the Center for Coordination and Health Emergencies of Spain.

Twitter has enabled as official hashtag #INFOCoronavirus, that citizens can use to raise their questions and doubts regarding the coronavirus COVID-19, and that will be resolved in a live intervention.

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Fernando Simn be online at 13:30 on Wednesday March 11 of 2020, and his explanation of the coronavirus could be followed by so much in the account @HealthPublicaES (government dependent) as in @TwitterEspaa.

On a few occasions, social networks have generated confusion on issues of social relevance, and Twitter is striving to change things with the coronavirus epidemic.

Image - The Government will answer questions about the coronavirus on Twitter

In fact, a WhatsApp audio is circulating about the coronavirus of the chief cardiologist of Gregorio Maran whose origin and reliability are in doubt, so it is important to get information from official sources.

Twitter's collaboration with the Government is also reflected in a ad that appears when you search for the coronavirus, and that the Public Health account be a reliable source of information, above the other tweets.

Image - The Government will answer questions about the coronavirus on Twitter

It seems that the Government has taken social networks quite seriously, as the main public face in the coronavirus crisis is being attended by the Twitter live. Fernando Simn has appeared in press conferences, televisions and now answer questions online.

At a time when fake news and bulos could cause problems, it is a good opportunity to Know the official recommendations of the health authorities, which also change as the disease evolves and spreads to new areas.

Those who want to find out about the latest news about the coronavirus have a Twitter appointment at 1:30 p.m. today, March 11 with Fernando Simn, which on behalf of the Government clarify doubts about the epidemic.

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What do you think of this decision? Do you think Fernando Simn's Twitter live will provide useful information and reassure Internet users?

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