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The Galaxy Fold as you've never been told

Galaxy Fold open

I must admit that I was fascinated: Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip was something really different, and in the end it was not so since Motorola had already advanced with the Razr in the idea of ​​a clam-type phone with a folding screen. But the Galaxy Z Flip was something else: it was a powerful Samsung wrapped in a very attractive format and that fit in your pocket. However, an excessive price (and in conflict with the approach of the team) and a screen size that was a bit fair for my needs.

A pity that Samsung had not opted for a larger screen … A moment Isn't that perfect phone the Galaxy Fold? Suddenly I stopped inquiring into the Z Flip and began to check the opinions of those who had been with Samsung's controversial phone for a long time, and the great majority of their owners were delighted.

But spending 2,000 euros on a phone that, in no case, was going to be the main one (I am convinced iPhone user) was implantable. So, and through a third party, I came up with the possibility of buying a Galaxy Fold in perfect condition and at half the price, and I didn't think twice: in a few days the house courier arrived and I finally held it in my hands.

Discovering the Galaxy Fold

Fold in hand

As I noted before, my plans were to use the Fold as something intermediate between my iPhone 11 Pro and the iPad Pro 12.9, and then let the phone surprise me. And he did.

Samsung knows well that this device is a luxury for a very special user profile, and this you notice from the moment you open the packaging: the Fold appears ah, in all its splendor, like a black screen ready to reveal all its mysteries, and all part of the initial configuration, an experience well posed by the manufacturer in which you are urged to open the screen (it cannot be done with the phone closed). Once configured, the Fold updated to the latest firmware version waiting to receive Android 10 in April and everything was ready.

How do you feel in your hand? The first thing you feel is fear. And it is literal. The Galaxy Fold is preceded by the fame of delicate, fragile and high chances of damage, and this is another reason why it is not my main phone. But basically, appearances are deceiving: although it is true that the folding screen must be taken care of and kept clean of dust, and on the other hand, the Fold does not have any IP certification that protects it from water, the reality is that it is a solid phone in hand.

One has the feeling of having a robust telephone and those who have had the misfortune to check it with accidental drops, confirm this. The main problem that Fold has had has been its loss of prestige due to a hurried launch, but it is a very solid device.

In what shines especially?

Galaxy Fold

Go ahead that we are facing a device that breaks, in format and design, with everything you could see so far. The Fold is somewhat atypical and that is why the judgments poured on it will depend on the prism from which they were made: who uses it as a phone only, discovering that the absence of water resistance can be a problem, which if taken to the beach and you want to make a selfie you run a serious risk of damaging the screen, which if you hurry, the exterior screen is very fair to write … Those who want it as a tablet, will find that the screen stays a little fair in size and they cannot stop looking at the fold in it; You will see that being all screen, there is no edge to safely hold the equipment.

Is all this really relevant? Depending on the use we are going to give it. We are going to explain the positive and negative of the team.

Positive aspects

  • Superb screen: one cannot avoid this section; The screen of the Galaxy Fold is sublime and defends itself well in all terrains. A lot of light, low light, watching videos, reading … The inner fold is not really a problem, but as Motorola once explained (about the Razr), it is a peculiarity.
  • Portability: although my use is as a second device, the Fold is ideal for reading in bed, watching Netflix or reading the newspaper in a cafe; holding it with one hand while enjoying the content is priceless and know that you then fold it and store it in the backpack without taking up space, either.
  • Avant-garde design: at a time we should be grateful that some brands innovate and break molds with some equipment and with the Samsung Fold has broken brands. In a cafe or bar, if you take out the device and deploy it, see the curious looks and the most daring will sew you to questions.
Galaxy Fold screen


  • Price and fragility: Samsung cannot really be blamed for it, since it is an almost prototype phone that opens a segment, but one has the sensation of getting lost a lot by not being able to take it everywhere as the main phone.
  • Difficult grip: as I pointed out before, that a phone is all screen has undeniable advantages, but when it reaches the size of the Fold and depending on the size of your hands, the grip is complicated since there is hardly any margin. And this, without becoming a problem, can be a bit of a nuisance.

As you can see, the Galaxy Fold is very complicated to look for negative aspects and it is a very complete phone in which everything is going well. And of course, we expect no less than an investment of $ 2,000 dollars …

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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