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The bq Tesla 2 W8, Aquaris E10 and Edison 3 tablets go up in price


The bq Tesla 2 W8, Aquaris E10 and Edison 3 tablets go up in price

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January 14, 2015

bq, the company based in Spain that in 2014 has sold around one million smartphones, 400,000 tablets and 100,000 e-books, has been “forced” to raise the price of some of your products just now, in sales time. Although the increase that has been applied to the price of several of its smartphones and tablets is not too great, it can be shocking by the explanation it has provided in a statement and the latest advertising expenses that the company has made.

After Christmas, the January slope arrives and the sales arrive. It is one of the periods established annually, but bq has chosen this date to announce a rise in the price of its products. Specifically, they have chosen some of the most successful among users this 2014 as smartphones bq Aquaris E4, E4.5 and E5 that will now cost 10 euros more than before 139.99, 159.90 and 259.90 euros respectively. Also tablets, one of their most important businesses (according to the previous figures) suffer this decision and Tesla 2 W8 goes up to 259.90 euros, Aquaris E10 269.90 euros and Edison 3 at 219.90 euros. Exactly 10 euros plus the first two models and 20 euros the last of the three.

bq-aquaris-e10 "width =" 656 "height =" 318 "srcset =" 656w, https: // 300w, 240w, 690w "sizes =" (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px "/></p><h2>The reasons for bq</h2><p>Sales figures may not be spectacular if we compare them with the big ones in the sector, but to put ourselves in a situation, 1 million smartphones is what it has sold this year <strong>OnePlus One</strong>, one of the terminals that has had more impact. Undoubtedly, one of the great assets of bq has been the measured value of its devices, with a value for money that especially in the mid-range is not easily rival.</p><p>This climb, which will surely reach stores like<strong> Phone House and MediaMarkt</strong> as of February, it has its origin in the advance experienced by the dollar against the euro in recent months (9%). As many of you will know, despite being a Spanish brand, bq suppliers and assemblers are in <strong>Asia</strong> and the payment is made in dollars, so they had lost a part of their profit margin.</p><p><img class=