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The best Pixel Launcher is updated with dark mode and notch support

The developer of one of the best modified versions of Android has updated his app. Among the list of news we find a dark mode, in addition to fixing the problems that users had with notch.

One of the things we like most about Android is the possibility of personalizing our mobile. The launcher is one of the elements that best defines our mobile, and this modified version of the Pixel Launcher includes everything you need.

The best Pixel Launcher is updated

It is one of the best alternative versions of the Pixel Launcher, which is already in its 3.6 version. It is a version that is focused on correcting errors, but that nevertheless includes certain new features.

Perhaps the most interesting is the topic selection. In this new version you can go to the settings and you will find a new function called themes. These are the options that it offers us:

  • Automatic: Depending on the wallpaper, light or dark theme will be applied automatically.
  • Standard: The standard classic theme.
  • Clear: A little clearer than the standard theme.
  • Dark: Dark theme.
  • Transparent: Dark theme with greater transparency.

Strangely, the light theme changes the widget's typography for nuance.

If you are a user of an Android mobile with notch and you used this launcher, it is possible that you had some kind of problem, such as cuts in the Google search bar when opening the notification drawer. That you know that it is solved.

For everything else, it is a launcher that we highly recommend, since it includes everything we love about the Pixel Launcher with extra features that improve the customization possibilities.

Free and without ads, but you will have to download the APK

This modified version of the Pixel Launcher is available in APK format on the developer's GitHub profile. As in previous versions, we have access to the AOSP and Android GO versions, the latter being more contained in resources.