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The Antutu benchmark is removed from the Google Play Store

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Antutu It is one of the benchmark applications most used for Android devices. The application has been downloaded millions of times from the Play Store, where three different categories of the application are offered. However, this has changed, since all three applications are no longer available on the Play Store. Google has eliminated all three applications as part of its measures against the infamous developer Cheetah Mobile.

Antutu benchmarks are removed from the Play Store by Google

The three Antutu services that were affected by the removal of the Google Play Store include Antutu 3DBench and two general benchmarks of Antutu. At this time, a search for the Antutu keyword in the Play Store now shows other benchmark applications as a result.

As indicated above, Antutu appears to have been affected by Google's measures against all Cheetah Mobile applications. The benchmark application appears to be owned by Cheetah MobileTherefore, sooner or later it will have to fall.

The Cheetah Mobile fraud background

One of the most popular applications of Cheetah Mobile is the Android application Clean master. But despite its popularity, it was reported in 2014 that the ads it promoted manipulate Android users with deceptive tactics when browsing websites within the advertising framework of the application. In April 2014, Ferenc Lszl Nagy of Sophos Labs captured some pop-up ads that led to Clean Master and warned that the device was infected with a virus.

In July 2014, Cheetah Mobile encouraged users to uninstall Google Chrome and replace it with the Cheetah Mobile browser during the Clean Master optimization and cleaning process. This practice I allowed Cheetah Mobile to gain an unfair market advantage.

In December 2018, Cheetah Mobile was involved in a click fraud scheme massive. This led Google to remove two of its applications from the Play Store. Now, last February, Google cleaned about 600 applications in the Play Store, including all Cheetah Mobile applications. The reason was the violation of disruptive ad policy and interstitial policy rejected. Cheetah Mobile for its part has denied the charges.

Antutu has issued a statement in response to the ban. To make applications available, the equipment Replace the Play Store download links on your website with direct links to the APK. It will be necessary to see if any benchmark is available again in the Play Store. With Cheetah Mobile behind, this is unlikely to happen.


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