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Soccer, strategy and pinball in the Android games of the week

The weekend comes, and with it, free time to rest and play. Welcome to a new edition of the best Android games of the week, a section where you can meet new games to have fun with our phone.

We came in the first weekend of September, month in which the holidays are over for almost everyone, in addition to being the month in which the students return to classes. Still, it's always a good time to tune out the weekend with new Android games.

Red Runner

Red Runner games of the week

Red Runner is one of those games that despite its simplicity, we end up loving it. In this game you are a red stick figure that will run indefinitely until an obstacle ends it. The characteristic of this game is that our range of vision is limited at night, and we will not see the obstacles until we have them under our noses.

The game increases speed as we go through meters, so it will be increasingly difficult. As a curiosity we comment that the only game that its developer has made is a port of the Chrome dinosaur game when we have no connection, and after playing Red Runner we can affirm that in this game he has managed to give it his touch.

Justice Monsters Five

pinball final fantasy games of the week 2

Square Enix is ​​one of those companies that has best known how to adapt to the fever of mobile devices. In addition to bringing their greatest hits to Android, they are creating new titles prepared to make the most of mobile devices.

Justice Monsters Five is a Pinball game, but with a curious feature. Our Pinball balls have inside the monsters that we can find in the new game Final Fantasy XV (Although it is a very conservative franchise in its fauna, many of them will ring a bell if we have played previous titles).

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Naruto is one of the most popular and longest running anime of recent times. In addition to manga and anime, it is a franchise that has always enjoyed good success in the world of video games with ls Ultimate Ninja. Like many other popular games, Naruto Ultimate Ninja They land on Android, although it is not as you expected.

This title abandons fighting games to move to a genre that marries more with touch screens such as strategy games. In Ultimate Ninja Blazing we can make our ninjas learn various ninjustus (ninja techniques) that they will use in combat. The game includes Naruto Shippuden story, in addition to including a cooperative and a competitive mode with which we can fight against other players.

Pixel Cup Soccer

Today we discussed the arrival of FIFA 17 on Android, a reason for celebration for fans of soccer games. If you like soccer games but are looking for a more classic style of play, we have a very interesting alternative.

Pixel Cup Soccer 16 is a soccer game that inherits both the graphics and the mechanics of soccer games just as they were in the 16-bit era. The game includes three game modes (friendly, tournament or penalties) and stands out for a fairly accelerated style of play. A pure experience that despite cost 3.19 eurosIt does not include advertisements or micropayments that cut us off.

Siralim 2

The latest game is an RPG that also uses retro graphics, but this is not an outdated title. Siralim 2 is a tactical RPG in which we can capture monsters that we will then summon to fight with our enemies. The creatures we capture can be used to breed new creatures that will inherit the characteristics of their parents.

With our creatures we can explore any place in the world and discover treasures that will help us improve our castle. It is worth mentioning that Siralim 2 it's a game that has no end, since the content is generated in such a way that we will always have something to do. Similarly, there is no limit for our creatures to continue progressing, so it will give us many hours of vice.

Siralim 2 is a game that we can buy on Google Play at a price of 5.49 euros, and a pretty interesting point is that progress is saved in the cloud, allowing us to continue the game on iOS or PC (Windows, Linux and Mac) if we have the game on these platforms.