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Poster Wars, the official game of Pablo Escobar is here

The second season of the series Narcos It is already available on Netflix, and nothing better to celebrate it than a game in which you can put yourself in the skin of the poster directed by Pablo Escobar. Narcos: Wars Poster It is the official game of the Colombian narcos series that is sweeping the small screen, and after having been presented a few months ago, you will be glad to know that you can already download it on your mobile.

Narcos: Wars Poster It's free, it's translated into Spanish and puts you at the helm of the most famous Colombian cartel in history. Under the motto of «Silver or lead«, Your goal is none other than to move forward with your criminal organization using all imaginable resources: blackmail, mercenaries, drug laboratories … all that money can buy.

Narcos: Poster Wars, get the drug empire

Narcos game

In the style of mobile war games, in Narcos: Cartel Wars we have to manage our poster from Pablo Escobar's estate

Narcos: Wars Poster It is a game that is based on the well-known base of an interactive map in which we can click on the different objects to perform actions. In this case, the game begins on the Pablo Escobar estate in Colombia, and from there we must maintain control of our organization at any price. And that includes killing, kidnapping and blackmailing left and right.

I have been testing the game for a few minutes, and in that time I had to carry out tasks as varied as attacking a territory of an enemy cartel, sending a plane loaded with cocaine to Miami and raising the level of the laboratory to make it more efficient . The game of Narcos It seems to be quite entertaining, although I have the feeling that within a few hours of playing it will leave us no choice but to go to the cashier to avoid waiting for actions.

Download the Narcos game now

The game of Narcos: Wars Poster It is free to download, although in-app purchases could not be missing. Be careful what you buy, because according to Google Play there is a payment element whose price is 119.99 euros.

Of course, it must be said that the translation into Spanish of the game of Narcos it leaves much to be desired. This "tube" almost forces me to tear my eyes, and it is not by far the only errata of the style that you will find throughout the missions. Close your eyes very strongly when instructed.