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Play Tetris with your friends without leaving Facebook

Play Tetris with your friends without leaving Facebook

Who does not remember Tetris? Surely many remember their childhood to this classic game that gave us many hours of entertainment and that today has many still playing on our smartphone although the youngest surely think it is a boring game, they will not understand the importance of this game for old.

And today we bring good news for veterans,You can play Tetris without leaving Facebook.We must say that to play this jewel it is not necessary to install anything or modify some things, it is a game that Facebook offers us totally free. You can play it with your Facebook friends through Messenger, all you need to do is click on the control icon and look for the newly added title,We wait a moment and start the game where we will have to compete against the contact we choose.

For some we will have a good time playing with a friend, although some will think that it is a very boring game, others will remember our childhood, but it is the choice of each one, without a doubt the younger ones will not be attracted by this title, since They look for better graphics and more action, but we are sure that the classics will not die. We hope that this brief information is very useful to you and that you share the note with your friends who, like us, will have a good time challenging colleagues to remember childhood.