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On March 9 the online multiplayer lands on Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour online

Well, in a few days, just on March 9, we will have the online multiplayer Mario Kart Tour and of which we already knew its operation before last Christmas, since the players of the gold subscription were lucky to try it.

All a feat and that will give wings to this great Nintendo game and that a lot of adherents have been won. A driving game in the purest style of the Japanese company and that has its best-known characters in its midst.

From your Twitter accountNintendo has announced the exact day of the update that incorporates the online multiplayer in real time. In fact, it was one of the biggest criticisms of the lack of this mode when Mario Kart Tour was launched.

Once the update is ready we can play against family and friends, or even with other Mario Kart Tour players. There is no regional limitation, but you can play against any player wherever he is on the planet.

Being able to play in real time will take us back to other times when we could play a great game locally with our colleagues with the old Nintendo. Now, have it online, and from our mobile it will be an experience that we won't be able to get lost

And if Nintendo He has done well with the closed beta, surely we will enjoy as dwarves fighting in a real face-to-face, and not as it has been so far with those shadows of the players.

A great moment to enjoy Mario Kart Tour, one of the best arcades that we have in the Play Store and that with this update it will take enough careers to give us more content updates for the coming years. You are already counting the days until that March 9 arrives.