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Microsoft Edge exits the beta and is now available for Android

There are countless applications for Android devices, we have games, tools, for customization and others to waste time. One of those that can not be missing in any smartphone are Internet browsers. Some have Chrome installed by default, but users have a freedom to choose the one they like best, personally there was a time I used UCBrowser, but as I said, it's a matter of taste, and if you feel like it, you can alreadyinstall Edge,Microsoft's browser.

Some time ago this browser was in beta, so many do not dare to try it, although some others did not test it for taste, since although it is as default in the Windows system of computers, all -or most- replaced it with Chrome or Firefox. But we must not miss it, it is good to try new applications that may end up liking us and leave them predetermined on our smartphone.

Now whatEdgeHe has left the beta phase, he must not have failures – or at least that is expected – and it may make him strong competition to Chrome, who is one of the most popular browsers among users, perhaps because not many care about explore new options and keep the browser that the factory cell phone has, but why not do the same on the computer? If on the PC we replace Edge with a new one, why not do the same with the default browser?

We will not deny that there are many browsers on Google Play, and that many are very good, but we should not let this browser pass without grief or glory, as we said before, on the Edge PC it is replaced by Chrome, but how will the story be if Will Edge arrive to replace Chrome on smartphones? It is certainly a scenario that I would like to see.

Download Microsoft Edge for Android