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iPhone free or locked? Discover how to unlock your iPhone

iPhone free or locked? Discover how to unlock your iPhone

If you need your iPhone to be free, you need to know before if its use is restricted to a single mobile phone company and you need to unlock it, or if it is actually released.

It is important to know if your iPhone phone is free or locked and subject to a specific telephone operator. A iOS device released, allow you to use a SIM card of any operator.

Now, how can you tell if your iPhone is free or if your iPhone is locked?

Normally, the iPhones that you buy by making the payment at one time, for example in the Apple Store, are released from the factory. But if you buy an iPhone signing a contract with a mobile phone company, It is more normal than it is locked.

It is not possible to know with a single glance at the device if it is locked or not, since Apple does not allow other companies to put their logos on their iPhone devices.

Another possibility is that the device is initially locked, and will be released automatically when the original iPhone owner has finished paying the contract.

To be sure one hundred percent it is better to check for yourself if the iPhone is released or locked. Below we explain how:

How to check in Settings if your iPhone is released

The easiest way to check if an iPhone is released or locked is to take a look at the Device Settings.

To access the iPhone settings, you will need access to the phone, it is very likely that to activate it you will be asked for a password. Then, perform the following steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Mobile Data> Options.
  3. Check that there is the Mobile data network option.

If you see the Mobile data network option it is very likely that your iPhone is released, as this option does not normally appear on locked iOS devices.

However, this method is not one hundred percent effective. For example, if you are buying a second-hand iPhone, and you need to know if you are paying a fair price for the device, we recommend that you use a SIM card to check if it is really released.

How to check with a SIM card if your iPhone is released

To carry out this process, it is recommended that you have two SIM cards from two different telephone companies. Normally one of the SIM cards will be yours, and the other one that is given with the phone.

Follow these steps to find out if your iPhone is released or locked: