iOS 14 will have a new home screen, gestures and much more

iOS 14 will have a new home screen, gestures and much more

The specialized medium 9to5Mac, which claims to have gained access to the filtered code of iOS 14, states that The next version of Apple's operating system include major changes to the home screen, the gesture system and other relevant aspects.

The publication ensures that the new iOS 14 home screen allows users to see, on a page and in a list format, all the applications you have installed on the device. The client, in addition, can filter those applications that have not read notifications or order all of them based on parameters such as frequency of use.

The new iOS 14 home screen allows users to see, on a page and in a list format, all the applications that they have installed on the device

Siri, who is also present in this new home screen recommend applications to the owner based on their usage patterns (time of day, location, etc.). If the owner, when arriving home, usually opens the application House To turn on the heating, Siri recognized the habit and recommend this application directly on the home screen.

The specialized media has also found references to a series of new gestures that will allow you to change your application. These, as they explain, are intended for him. Smart keyboard with trackpad that Apple will present next to the next generation of the iPad Pro.


Another interesting improvement of iOS 14 will be the wallpaper management system, which will offer the user a better classification of them. The code obtained by 9to5Mac refers to subcategoras as Earth and Moon, flowers, etc.

The most interesting thing about this new system, however, is that It will allow you to import third-party wallpapers to the operating system collections. In this way, when the user accesses Settings> Wallpaper, not only find the default operating system funds, but also all those who have decided to import from third-party applications or similar.

The Californian company also will have decided to incorporate new accessibility options in iOS 14, such as the possibility of detecting important sounds such as fire alarms, sirens, door bells or crying babies. The idea, as explained in 9to5Mac, is that the iPhone is able to detect these sounds and issue a visual alert to those people who have hearing problems.

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In this sense, iOS 14 will also allow you to modify the sound equalization to help those people unable to hear certain auditory frequencies.

Finally, iOS 14 will allow you to configure the Alipay mobile payment platform within Apple Pay, a decision to be very welcome by Chinese consumers where such platforms based on QR codes are the main means of electronic payment.

According to the usual calendar, iOS 14 will be presented during WWDC 2020 between the months of May and June. The outbreak of coronavirus originated in Wuhan, however, may lead the American company to cancel this conference or carry it out. streaming. This last one has been the one adopted by Google, whose Google I / O event was scheduled for the month of May.

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