Instagram Stories will have a mirror effect

Instagram will add a new mirror effect, a mode for the camera of Stories that allow us to take photos and videos where the image is duplicated forming different patterns depending on the chosen style.

The option of "Mirror" ("Mirror" in English) appears in the Stories chamber as a main mode, along with existing ones such as Boomerang or Superzoom, so you will have enough visibility.

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Thanks to the computer scientist Alessandro Paluzzi, who has posted an advance on Twitter of the mirror effect of the Stories, we know that Instagram is developing the new function, whose code is already in the app.

Here is how to see the menu to do Stories in mirror:

Image - Instagram Stories will have a mirror effect

If you look, the record button appears six modalities, so that the mirror effect forms different patterns. For now the function is not available on Instagram by normal means, but appearing in its code shows that the development is quite advanced.

The result is that the photos and videos look like a kind of kaleidoscope, it is not a simple mirror, but it adds more complexity:

Image - Instagram Stories will have a mirror effect

Although Instagram works on appointments for direct messages, among other improvements to its messaging system, Stories have become the most popular feature, and news is always well received among users of the social network.

Anyway, thanks to the filters of external developers the catalog is very wide, and less and less the native Instagram modes are used, since the originality of the independent creators usually convinces more.

For the moment there is no arrival date for this new mirror mode. It may not even be launched if the result does not convince Instagram, although it is unlikely that it will change its mind when the effect already seems finished, and it only remains to activate it for the great public.

In principle, the mirror mode of Instagram Stories seems interesting, but not at all revolutionary, so simply join the already numerous options that the camera integrated into the social photographic network gives us.

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What do you think of the mirror mode? Do you think the Instagram camera needs new capabilities?