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How to use the S Pen with the Air Gestures of the Galaxy Note 10 camera

Today we are going to show you how master the gestures in the air of the S Pen to get the most out of the Galaxy Note 10 camera app.

Some gestures in the air that allow us remotely control some of the actions most important of the camera of the great Galaxy Note 10, and so we will have all the flexibility possible to take selfies like nobody or take group photos without having to touch the mobile. All in remote control from the S Pen.

How to activate the air gestures of the S Pen

S Pen gestures

The first thing is to have active gestures and know that gestures in the air are activated with a default setting for each of the most important apps we have in our Samsung Galaxy Note 10; and that can be applied to other Note like 9.

  • We go to settings> advanced functions> s pen> S Pen gestures
  • We activate the gestures in the air or Air Gestures
  • Right here we can change the action for each gesture in the air from the menu that we will be located at the bottom. We leave it as it is because it is more intuitive, but you are free to change them.

The gestures in the air of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10+

Gestures in the air

In order to activate a gesture in the air we have to press the S Pen button and at the same time make the gesture. It is a matter of gestures to be mastered, so a little patience. We must know that it is the S Pen itself that has the motion sensor that registers these gestures, but it must always be accompanied by the press of the button.

First the actions with the button and that save some gestures:

  • A Long press to launch the camera app: In this way we only have to take out the S Pen and perform this action to have the app ready.
  • A press on the button to take a picture
  • Double press to change from rear to front camera


And these are the gestures in the air that we can do, and as we have said you can customize them:

  • Gesture towards arrivala: Switch between the rear and front camera and vice versa.
  • Gesture down: we take a picture
  • Left gesture: we move between the different modes such as photo, video and more to the left.
  • Right hand gesture: same as above but on the opposite side
  • Right circle: we zoom in
  • Left circle: reduce zoom

A trick, if you want to switch between the normal and ultra-angular camera make the circle to the left. When we exit the zoom mode, you can see that we are in the angular mode to take photos.

And so you can master all gestures in the air of the Galaxy Note 10 and that will allow you to better enjoy all the skills of the great camera that this Samsung phone has. By the way do not miss these 3 apps for the S Pen and they are wonderful.