Cómo usar Apple CarPlay con el iPhone sin cables

How to use Apple CarPlay with iPhone without wires

Carlinkit. It can be bought for 70 euros on Amazon or for 50 euros on Aliexpress.

Installation of the wireless receiver in the radio of our car

This adapter connects to the car radio via USB. Once connected, enter the browser and enter this link: Download and install the application. Then pair the receiver with your iPhone via Bluetooth. It is recommended that you deactivate the radio in case it is connected to your iPhone. Once the iPhone is connected to the receiver, the system will detect the device and launch CarPlay to the car screen. This process will be done automatically every time we start the car. That is, provided that the device is activated and Bluetooth is synchronized.


The two steps you have to do to synchronize the receiver with your iPhone and activate CarPlay.

The CarPlay interface is the official one, so we can have all compatible applications of our iPhone, as well as contacts and messages. In the iPhone settings, in the CarPlay section, we can make different settings.

Are there other cheaper options to use CarPlay in the car? The Carlinkit brand adapter is the most recommended, although in case you want to buy it on Amazon to have more warranty, it has a very high price. The truth is that these devices have a fairly high price, and the cost is lower in those models that connect to the iPhone through a cable. In this online store we can also find other models, such as this receiver with a price of 100 euros, which also works with Android Auto. In AliExpress there are also other options, such as this model, which is priced at 53 euros.

It works with Android Auto, but not without cable

If you don’t have an iPhone, you should know that these devices also work with Android Auto, the Android car system. Nevertheless, there is no option to connect them wirelessly. It has to be through a USB to USB C cable, like the one that comes in the box of our mobile. This cable connects to the bottom of the receiver and launches Android Auto in the car radio.

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