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How to sell at Wallapop

Wallapop is a jungle where you can see almost anything, and if our intention is sell at Wallapop, we cannot miss this tutorial.

Throughout this article we will see how to access the Wallapop app, how to upload the product, how to sell it and how to manage the payment and other data of interest to know how to sell in Wallapop.

How to activate the search alerts in Wallapop

If we have never looked at Wallapop, it will be convenient to start talking about what can be sold ah. In that app you can sell almost anything, as we said at the beginning of this article.

In Wallapop we can buy and sell, from computers, mobiles, videogames, consoles, pictures, chairs, cars, board games, decoration items, there are even those who sell handmade things, and even look for work and provide their services as nieros, pet sitters, the elderly, etc.

Top sellers in Wallapop They are always music albums, musical instruments, books, furniture, clothing and accessories such as jewelry, electronics and computer products, retro things, etc.

Wallapop was an uncontrolled well where they even sold exams, and where today, You can even sell and rent houses.

As we see, Wallapop is a place where there is room for everything and where imagination is never lacking. In fact, thanks to some Wallapop ads, many public characters have gained a lot of followers on social networks and YouTube channels, by uploading images of those ads to make fun of what is sold or by the text that accompanied the image, or by the image in s, as is the case with AuronPlay and the photos to the mirrors.

But not everything is laughs, in Wallapop runs a well-known scam. This scam begins with a simple message from someone interested in our mobile, to give an example, and when we have almost everything spoken tells us that we should send the mobile to another address.

That address is in Nigeria, hence the name of this scam is "The Nigerian scam". The modus operandi is always the same, they offer a higher price than what we marked in our advertisement and ask for our telephone number for a more private and close contact.

The scam ends badly, since they send an email supplanting the website of our bank or PayPal where they inform us that the payment has been made, but we will not have access to the money until we send the product. Everything is a lie, obviously, they will never send us the money.

Open your Wallapop account

But leaving aside the negative, let's start talking about your app, since The steps are very similar on iPhone and Android:

  1. We open the app store and look for Wallapop, after downloading it, we accept the permissions, we registered with Google and we access our profile. We do not recommend registering with Facebook, due to the privacy problems suffered by the social network from time to time.

Image - How to sell at Wallapop