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How to install Android on iPhone

instalar android iphone

Beyond the classic Mac vs PC, most likely the great debate in today's technology industry continues to revolve around the duopoly of mobile operating systems, the one formed by iOS and Android.

Both systems have points in favor. In this sense, iOS has an easier to use interface and is more secure, while Android is more customizable and is available on a wide variety of devices.

The ideal would be to be able to enjoy the advantages of each one in the same terminal, right? In this article we will explain how to install Android (or rather iDroid, the Android version for iPhones) on an iPhone on which it has been made. jailbreak.

How to install Android on an iPhone that has been jailbroken

As you know, to be able to install an Android in a smartphone Apple you need to have subjected your iPhone to a process of jailbreaking, which means altering your software to be able to skip the restrictions and limitations imposed on the iOS.

Years ago since many Apple fans bet on the jailbreak And they have done it without major problems, although the company warns that doing so may jeopardize the security of the device, reduce the life of its battery, etc.

What I know is true is that, before carrying out this process, you should bear in mind that it involves certain risks. You can install apps outside of the App Store, but that means you may install malware by mistake on your iPhone.

Obviously, you will also no longer have Apple's warranty. If you still want to go ahead and install Android on your iPhone, follow the steps necessary to do jailbreak on your iPhone. Then, you can carry out the following process.

one. Connect your iPhone to a power outlet to avoid running out of battery and the process is interrupted.

two. Install Bootlace on your iPhone. To do so, open Cydia and hit Manage, followed by Sources Y Edit. Now tap on Add and add the following repository: Tap on Add source, then the repository and install Bootlace.

3. Now open Bootlace (You may have to reset your iPhone to make it appear). You'll have to give permission and then tap on Restart.

4. The next step is to install OpeniBoot. To do so, open Bootlace, Choose OpeniBoot and play Install, followed by Continue.

5. Then tap on iDroid, followed by Install Y okay. You should wait a bit for iDroid to install. In fact, it is a somewhat long process and that is why we have recommended you to have your iPhone connected to the current.

6. Finally, tap on QuickBoot in Bootlace and then the Android icon. Restart connecting with Android and voila!

How to use Android and iOS at the same time with a case for your iPhone

If the above process seems too complicated or compromising (not everyone wants to do jailbreak on your iPhone), then you will be interested to know that there is a case that allows you to add an Android screen to your smartphone Manzana.

It's about the ESTI Eye cover. Obviously, this is not the best solution, but I do know that it will allow you to enjoy iOS and Android at the same time on the same device (although only one mobile operating system per side and with an iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and its Plus versions).