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How to clean and disinfect your mobile phone

In 2016, the British organization Initial Washroom Hygiene took samples from several phones and found up to seven times more bacteria on their surfaces than on any other object.

This simply confirmed what we had suspected: people are not as clean as they seem. A recent YouGov poll revealed that over 50% of Britons admit to having used their phone in the bathroom, and that certainly contributes to the results of the initial tests.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus worldwide has caused governments to rush to remind us how to wash our hands properly. It may also be an appropriate time to learn how to disinfect mobile phones, objects that, as we say, are often plagued by pathogens and bacteria.

In addition to invisible germs, there is overly visible dirt that ruins keyboards, displays, and any other surfaces that are touched. If you keep your smartphone In your pocket, the ports and connectors are probably full of dust and other debris that is not only unsightly, but can cause all kinds of problems.

How to disinfect a phone (or a tablet)

It may seem a little patronizing to be told how to wash your hands, but good hand hygiene leads to a cleaner phone. And obviously break that habit of using Instagram in the bathroom.

However, you will still have to clean your phone from time to time and it is crucial to use the right products to avoid damaging your delicate electronic devices.

Most touch screens have an oleophobic coating that repels fingerprints. These are easily damaged by strong cleaning agents such as ammonia, alcohol and other solvents. So keep the lye and the vinegar.

Instead, use a product designed to be safe for the screens and glass on the back of many phones, such as Muc-Off Device & Screen Cleaner.

This will not kill viruses as it does not contain alcohol, but will virtually kill all bacteria. As a reminder, don't use alcohol-based cleaners unless you don't mind damaging that oleophobic layer.

The best way to remove dirt and grease from your phone is with a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloths are better than other materials because the tiny split fibers lift up dirt and retain it, in addition to absorbing liquid. This means that they do not leave lint on the screen or simply spread dirt around. You can moisten a microfiber cloth with water if the screen is particularly dirty.

You will see that a microfiber cloth will also effectively clean the rest of the device, including metal and plastic parts.