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How to block notifications and calls in Android games

They are very simple, specifically they are two different methods but both take very little time, so it is worth trying to see how. Some manufacturers already include a ‘Gaming Mode’ in their terminals, but also there is a solution for those who do not include it.

Disable notifications natively

In the latest versions of the Android system, it is possible to modify this type of parameters, without needing to be root or perform complex processes. If we go to settings, depending on the customization layer, we will see a section with the name Applications or Notifications. Once we have entered that menu, we will go more specifically to the Notifications options.

Well, the screen shows us all installed applications, and now we just need to select the one we want and block your alerts. When we have chosen any app, we will see its data such as storage or permissions granted, but the first thing we will see is the Notifications section. If we enter, there are several options we have to configure alerts, being able to choose between not showing them or disable notification bubble, which is really what bothers us when playing.

Download this app as a second option

If for some reason, we do not have that option in the menu of settings for the version of the operating system, we always have a bullet in the bedroom. In Google Play there are several applications that perform that function of blocking notifications.

That app in question is called Gaming Mode, alluding to the way some manufacturers already include. Its characteristics are very simple. In the lower right corner, we have the button to add to the list the games we want to configure, with the possibility to customize the brightness of the screen, change the volume and block calls.

Gaming Mode - The Ultimate Game Experience Booster

Gaming Mode - The Ultimate Game Experience Booster

We can also block Internet access from the game or reject WhatsApp video calls, all managed from the gear icon to the right of the game. In addition, the app manages smartphone performance, eliminating background functions to free RAM and allow the mobile to be optimized for the game.

This can be chosen globally for all games, or individually. In this way, the app allows us to turn the smartphone into a device totally focused on gaming, since everything indicates that they will be including more news in its interface. A white list of apps or widgets to launch desktop games are some of the new features that may come soon.