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Extensin allows you to share Netflix without leaving a trace

Family plans were the solution that some video or music streaming applications gave users so that with a single account, and for more money, several members of a community could have the same access without paying more.

But it is clear that on the Internet the rules are broken at every moment, and that is why in addition to proliferating piracy such as IPTV and other services, some platforms that allow sharing passwords also appeared.

This is the DoNotPay extension, which now allows me to share my Netflix, Spotify or other password, just with a link, without the need to deliver it visually.

To be able to use it, it is necessary to install an extension for Google Chrome, and from here generate the links so that other people can access our subscription services.

What the tool basically does is use cookies to transfer your browsing session to other users' computers, effectively tricking streaming services.


The recipients of the links must have the DoNotPay extension installed and will be automatically registered in the sender's account after verifying their identity.As it works by transferring the cookie from an initiated session, nobody sees your password.

Your owner, the entrepreneur Joshua Browder He told Venture Beat that the extension will help people save money, "that there are no strict limits in terms of how many people can share a link" and also that the account holder has control over who passes his passwords .

"DoNotPay does not store cookies or have access to them," Browder said. We use VGS which provides encryption and compliance with PCI II and many fintech companies trust him. Cookies are also encrypted in transit and can only be seen by the people with whom you share them, ”he said.

Joshua Browder addresses the philosophy of his venture beyond:

“All major transmission providers explicitly include the condition that several people can transmit at the same time, such as Netflix, which allows more than three transmitters in certain accounts. There are many legitimate and permissible ways to share your account, for example, with a loved one, close friend or roommate. This service simply allows you to share it securely and easily with a link, without giving them your password. ”

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