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Brands are taking advantage of Reddit

In 2019 Reddit, the popular social network that establishes conversation through specific and thematic forums, achieved more than 300 million active users on its platform, a number greater than Twitter and that grows exponentially over the months.

One of its great attributes is to target niches, where people can connect for their preferences and can share afn material.

This makes it a very attractive redoubt for advertisers, who want to segment their product and reach a specific audience.

That is why, and by virtue of these characteristics, Reddit recently began a little effort to improve the monetization of its platform, and began to allow users' posts to be mixed in its news feed, with brand advertising.

The new tool is called Trending Takeovers, and brands can buy 24 hours of outstanding location in the Popular feed of the social platform and within their search tab.

Shariq Rizvi, vice president of advertising products and engineer at Reddit, commented in a statement ““For Reddit, an important approach for 2020 is to maximize new and premium opportunities for brands toAuthentically engage with Reddit users".


The same executive added that the opportunity for companies is to be in one place, “with millions of searches that are made every day and more than a third of users who visit the Popular Reddit feed daily, brands can now be part where the online cultural trends are born: Reddit ”.

The interesting thing is that the links that leave the mark on Reddit, will not take the user to an external destination site, but instead follow in a sub-forum of the social network sponsored by the company, for example Samsung, which will lead him to discuss about the new Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The launch takes place after six beta months with 15 companies, including Spotify, the software company Adobe and Method, a manufacturer of green cleaning products.

In the beta tests, participating brands saw a click-through rate of around 5% from the Trending Takeovers homepage to the advertisers' site, roughly twice the industry average, according to a Reddit spokesperson.

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