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Amazon Echo Show 8 available in Spain and it is cheaper

Amazon just brought to Spain the new Amazon Echo Show 8, a smart display speaker with the virtual assistant Alexa which is smaller and cheaper than the previous model.

It has taken Amazon three months to bring this device to Europe and it is finally available to users who find Alexa an ally for their day to day.

This is an update that is between the Echo Show 5 and the first Echo Show with a 10-inch screen. Amazon actually uses the base of the Echo Show 5 with a larger screen that will eventually completely replace the 10-inch model.

Echo, Dot, Studio and Flex, we tested the new Amazon speakers with Alexa

Although the difference between 5 to 8 inches may be drastic, it is not so drastic when it decreases from 10 to 8 inches. So this new Echo Show 8 is a smart screen is cheaper, It costs 129.99 compared to 229.99 for the Echo Show.

It maintains one of the most important characteristics, two 2-inch speakers, the same ones that are in the larger model and that sound great.

Amazon Echo Show 8

Photo: Amazon

It has exactly the same characteristics as the other models, such as the ability to see information on your screen about your questions to Alexa. For example weather or Skills information, the Alexa apps.

It is also capable of playing Prime Video or YouTube videos; also music from Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Music.

It includes two microphones To catch the magic word, Alexa followed by your question. It also includes a camera to make video calls to other Echo Show users or Skype contacts. Everything can be disabled with a button that deactivates the microphones electronically and plugs the camera.

Echo Show 8 can now be purchased on Amazon Spain for 129.99 and will start shipping on February 26.

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