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With Almighty Volume Keys you can map the volume keys

How to map volume keys

Almighty Volume Keys is a new app that we have in the Google Play Store to map the volume keys with a large number of actions ranging from activating Bluetooth such as stop recording sound.

A new app that adds to many others They offer us almost the same. Perhaps the great advantage of this app is that it gives us everything without having to spend a penny of euro; although it does have an option to unlock premium options. So we are going to show you all the possible actions and how this interesting app that is well designed works. Go for it.

How to map the volume keys of our mobile


There are few apps that allow us to map the volume keys of our mobile to perform another action. These applications come in handy to personalize the experience and to assign those tasks to actions such as taking a screenshot or simply activating a radio such as Bluetooth.

In fact, these apps are very useful for phones that have extra buttons like Bixby himself in the Galaxy and from here we show you how to map. But let's focus on this new app that at first offers us enough options to customize the experience of the volume keys on our Android mobile.

Almighty Volume Keys allows us to map the keys of volume to do these actions:

  • Control music playback
  • Record sound
  • Activate and deactivate the mobile flashlight
  • Turn Bluetooth on and off
  • Set a previously configured sound mode
  • Enable or disable Do Not Disturb
  • Tell the time
  • Activate a Tasker task
  • And of course, change the volume

With all these options, and adding all the variety to grant Tasker, as the quintessential app to create varied actions or those routines so necessary for many, Almighty Volume Keys becomes a good app that can replace others without almost disheveled.

Fiddling with the app in the first minutes

Almighty Volume Keys when installed it will ask us to activate the accessibility services as we show you in the captured images of our own phone:

Volume map

This way we can customize actions for volume keys, and a persistent notification will appear in the status bar. In fact, this notification can be deleted by long pressing on it.

Once Almighty Volume Keys is ready, we there are three important sections and that divide the most important actions offered by this free app for our mobile. The first tab is for actions while the phone is idle. That is, in those moments when our phone is with the screen turned off and when no sound is recorded or calls do not ring.

This is where one of the virtues of Almighty Volume Keys comes in. Is the variety of combinations To activate an action. That is, we can press the volume key up twice or make a combination of one up and two down. You will see that you have a whole list to customize with these actions: