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Why delete the Facebook app from your mobile terminal

Mark Zuckerberg

At the time it was the most important social network, with millions of active users and where people loved to upload their photographs and comments. From where we had gone to eat that day, what clothes we were wearing or where we had gone on vacation. Facebook was the best showcase to show everyone the wonderful life we ??had while we receive hundreds of likes from our contacts.

But as everything in life has an end, Facebook was not going to be an exception. Soon the controversy reached the social network of Zuckerberg, especially after accusations that the network did not do enough to protect the privacy and security of its users while its creator spent all the bills on himself.

Be that as it may, we can not say that the current health of Facebook is bad, not in vain owns property with some of the most important applications and services downloaded in the world, like WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook Messenger but we cannot deny that every day there are fewer people who use this social network in their day to day.

For all this, Today we are going to list the reasons why in our opinion you should delete Facebook from your mobile phone, and incidentally stop using this tool or directly, delete the account. Undoubtedly one of the best actions you could do this 2020. You will see.

Millennials no longer use it

Featured TikTok

Facebook is an outdated social network, used in a residual way and that many people still use it to get more lives in Candy Crush or to play the farm games of the application itself. Younger people have migrated from the social network and now what they take are apps like Instagram or TikTok.

Not only because the interface of the latter is much cleaner and more modern, but also because it is much more direct social networks, with fewer options and simpler. You make the video / photo, you hang it in the app and they tell you. Immediacy and simplicity, without wasting time on other issues. What younger people want today.

Privacy: a problem still unsolved

Based on the fact that no social network protects our privacy and that basically by using other services such as Instagram or WhatsApp we are also transferring our data to Zuckerberg, we consider that the less apps of this man we use throughout the day, the better.

WhatsApp is still the most used messenger app in our country so we have no choice but to use it. Instagram on the other hand is one of the social networks of fashion today and making proper use of it can be quite useful. On the other hand, Facebook gave us absolutely nothing. Imagine if Facebook is so in need of our data that it even plans to pay some users for them.

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Its application is heavy and consumes many resources

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Using the Facebook app is hell even for the most powerful phones. No matter the processor that has the smartphone or its RAM, Facebook does not work well regardless of the technical benefits of the terminal. So, if a smartphone with 12 GB of RAM Facebook works badly, What will happen in a medium / low range?

It is not the first time that users of this type of terminals protest the unfortunate performance of the Facebook app, to the point that the company had to launch a lite version of the app. Sincerely, it seems much simpler to us stop using Facebook and directly delete the application from our smartphone.

In short, Facebook was in its day the fashion app, the social network we used the most and one of the most popular services. However, its use is residual, it does not add anything of value to the world of leisure or the business of people, without forgetting that behind Facebook is a person like Zuckerberg who the less he knows about us, the better.