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WhatsApp will use Facebook to host your profile photos

Undoubtedly WhatsApp has become the most used instant messenger worldwide, which is why every time the company launches a new update it is of interest not only to thousands but also to millions of people who are part of so popular application

As is well known by many people, Facebook and WhatsApp share data of their own users as they have the rights and also the permissions granted to do so each time a member registers their profile.

WABetaInfo has informed through its Twitter account the new possibility, where WhatsApp profile pictures are hosted on Facebook, which summarizes that they will now be hosted on their own server. It should be clarified that the changes will not be noticeable for the users, but in a matter of privacy they will no longer be the same since now all our profile photographs will belong to the social network of Facebook.

For many users this novelty will not represent any dramatic change, but for all those users who are well informed of everything that happens with WhatsApp and Facebook, it will certainly become a bit monstrous change, since we have to take into account that Facebook has been characterized for some time, as an app too intrusive that often does not respect the privacy of users, so the union with WhatsApp could be a bit unpleasant for many users who like the application.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment only a change of servers is planned, so we will have to wait for both companies to release the official information.

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