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The Nokia N1 runs out again in a matter of minutes


The Nokia N1 runs out again in a matter of minutes

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January 15, 2015

Nokia has returned to the mobile device market through the big door with its Nokia N1 Android tablet. On January 7, it was officially launched in China (the only country in which it is available today) and two days later the first batch of 20,000 units was put up for sale. The speed at which they disappeared from the store was spectacular, so many were attentive today, the day the second batch was put up for sale. The answer has been surprising again, and the buyers have finished the reservations again in a matter of minutes.

The figures for the sale of the Nokia N1 are not reachable by anyone. So much so, that if the success recorded in the Asian country is repeated, as everything indicates that it will happen, in Europe, we will be talking about one of the great releases of 2015 despite occurring in January and having been announced in 2014. 566,438 users They expected last week to acquire one of the 20,000 units that went on sale and sold out in just 4 minutes, an average of 5,000 tablets per minute, More than 80 per second.

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<p>A great demand that was placed today when a second lot would be available. Finally, the time they have taken to run out has been longer but not much more, in <strong>just a few minutes</strong>, they hung up the sold out sign again. We are waiting for the official figures, which indicate if the number of units available was higher or just the buyers have taken longer to finish with the Nokia N1 made available.</p>
<p>In any case, it is still demonstrated that the strategy followed by<strong> Nokia and Foxconn,</strong> company that is responsible for manufacturing, distribution and after-sales service, has been totally successful. Nor is it necessary to say that the price, 220 euros to change, and its characteristics, with the support of a consolidated brand, are more than enough to attract the interest of consumers. Good design, great multimedia section and power as demonstrated by the first benchmarks in what surpasses the iPad mini 3 are taken hand in hand in this Nokia N1.</p>
<p>Via: Ubergizmo</p>