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Motorsport Manager Online, the best F1 manager for Android

motorsport manager online

Motorsport Manager, with its three deliveries launched so far, has proven to be the best F1 manager for Android that exists. Spectacular graphics, great diversity of options for lead your racing team and many ways to customize cars These are some of the things that have made this saga great. However, you need an online mode to test your team with that of other players worldwide.

This is where Motorsport Manager Online comes from, the new game that brings together all the virtues of the saga and focuses them on online competition. Also includes the new category of electric car racing, Formula E, with all its cars and licensed protagonists. Find out more about this fantastic game below.

Motorsport Manager Online, lead your team in online races with up to 10 players

In Motorsport Manager Online you can choose a car, design car parts, hire pilots and engineers and perform other management tasks to create your own F1 or Formula E racing team. Once you are ready, you can make the leap to online competitions where you will face the teams of other human players.

Online races are simultaneous and up to 10 players can participate in them. If you win many of these races, you will have the possibility to qualify for the weekly Motorsport Championship competition, where the 10 best players in the world meet to see who has the best team in the entire game.

formula e motorsport manager online

Live the Formula E in all its glory

Of course, every time you win a race you will receive a reward that allows you to improve your equipment or hire better drivers. Note that You can sign any of the riders competing in Formula E Currently, which have different attributes, which are very similar to those we appreciate in real life. In addition, the first time you compete in this category, you will get the iconic Gen2 car for free.

Another thing we really like about Motorsport Manager Online is its realism. And we don't just say it for its spectacular graphics, but for all the features that this simulator has that will make you feel that you are really leading a racing team. For example, when you compete in the Formula E category, you won't have to stop at the pits to change the tires. As in real life, the cars of this competition use the 18-inch Michelin Pilot Sport tire that works in any climate.

cars circuits motorsport manager online

Compete with the best drivers and cars in the best circuits today

Jean Eric Vergne and Sebastian Buemi are some of the best drivers you can hire in this game for your team. In addition, you can buy the cars of the leading brands of motor sport, such as Porsche, Mercedes and Audi. And, as if that were not enough, the competitions take place in spectacular city circuits, such as those in Rome and Paris. The game developer has also promised that they will add more circuits and features in the future.

Best of all, Motorsport Manager Online, unlike the other games in the saga, is available in Google Play Store for free. Of course, in the game you will find micropayments, but they are optional and will not prevent you from improving your equipment.

Undoubtedly, Motorsport Manager Online is one of the best racing games for Android and, therefore, it is worth trying.