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Millions of Android phones are in danger because of Bluetooth

Millions of Android phones are in danger because of Bluetooth

Vulnerabilities are not something foreign to technological devices.
Android and iOS have suffered attacks due to these problems in their software or in
its hardware, which both Google and Apple have solved quickly, even
many of these vulnerabilities do not become public until they are
solve, all this to prevent crackers can take advantage of these

And the last case that has to do with a vulnerability that has affected millions of people in the world has to do with Android, as a critical failure related to Bluetooth allows hacking any device with Android 8.0, 8.1, 9 and 10.

A serious problem that already has a solution

The vulnerability has been registered as CVE-2020-0022, and as described, allows attackers to execute code remotely to control the device without the user having to interact in any way.

The vulnerability affects more effectively all phones with Android 8.0 and 9, because in Android 10 this failure only generates problems with the operation of Bluetooth, but fortunately it does not manage to execute the code remotely.

The researchers who discovered this fault mention that they found the problems since November 2019, but they did not publicize the investigation, but first they communicated it directly to Google, which has already released a security patch to solve the problem.

All phones that have already installed the Android security patch of February 2020 no longer have to worry, however, if yours does not yet receive this update, then you are still vulnerable to this failure.

It is recommended that, if the brand of your phone has not
released said security update, then use bluetooth only when
you need it, so they recommend deactivating it or at least not leaving it visible
to avoid that you can be attacked easily, although this does not solve
The problem completely.

It has also been mentioned that more details of this vulnerability will be revealed when the security patch has been released in most of the phones Android, so we hope to know what has been the number of victims of this critical security breach.

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