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Google Lens comes to Maps: analyze restaurant menus

Google Lens It is a feature that Google offers and is available on Android and iOS through its own application. Now Google Lens makes the leap at restaurant menus With Google Maps, and be here where you can indicate other letters where they include mens, dishes, desserts, etc. similar to the letter we are analyzing.

Google Lens has made our lives easier since its arrival, since when looking for a dress, slippers, a dog, a landscape, etc. We can activate this tool and it automatically searches for all the similarities it finds.

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But leaving aside what Google Lens is and what it is normally used for, let's focus on the new function that comes from Google Maps.

Google Lens can analyze a physical menu. That is, open the letter given by the waiter, or waitress, take our phone, open the Google Lens app and analyze the letter.

In this way it indicates the meaning of a word that we have indicated, looks for similar restaurants, shows us images of the selected dish, etc.

But by joining Google Maps, it allows us to go further. That is, many times, when we search for restaurants on Google Maps we see photos of the menu, the dessert menu, the wines, etc. Well now, when implementing the Google Lens function in Google Maps, based on what is detected in the letter, show us similar dishes:

  1. First we must Open the image of the menu and click on "Discover dishes".

Image - Google Lens arrives on Maps: analyze restaurant menus

  1. Then, automatically, Google Lens artificial intelligence detects the star dishes of the menu and the orange mark with a big star.

Image - Google Lens arrives on Maps: analyze restaurant menus

  1. Finally, we can select what we want to know more closely and in a matter of a second, we show below the images that correspond to those dishes. In this way, we can see more or less how the presentation, information for allergens, approximate rations, similar images, recipes, etc. will be.

Image - Google Lens arrives on Maps: analyze restaurant menus

Once again, technology is shown at the service of man to facilitate certain tasks. In this case, it is the choice of a dish, but as we say, Google Lens helps us discover objects similar to the ones we are looking for.

The negative of this news, is that the implementation of Google Lens in Google Maps to read the letters of the restaurants, only active on Android. It is not known when to get the function to iOS.

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