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Ban Pan anti-cheat from PUBG Mobile

Project: Ban Pan

Finally PUBG Mobile has an industry-leading anti-cheat system and what he has called Project: Ban Pan. One of its characteristics is to be a system that is updated daily to avoid new developments in the cheat systems used by players.

If we have that 8,000 accounts are banned every day, we can understand the interest that PUBG Mobile should have in establishing a real-time system that analyzes whether a player is using third-party programs to take advantage of games. Let's see how the system works and if it will really make a dent in those cheater players.

The circumstances of a game like PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile weapons

From PUBG Mobile we have written many articles related to your updates, as well as your problems with hacking. And although PUBG Mobile have become very serious, they still see cheaters roaming freely. What is certain is that this new project, launched in December last year, has been able to decrease the number of accounts withdrawn by 90%.

What makes it very clear that it is increasingly difficult to cheat in a game like PUBG Mobile. The problem for the Tencent Games game is that it does not present any type of restriction as it is a game in which you can create a free account. If your account is banned, it's a matter of doing another and we already have the mess. So PUBG Mobile has to face this kind of problem to deal with cheater players.

And this is where they get serious with the new anti-cheat system

In the deployment of this system, problems related to the context that means global operations. And although the anti-cheat system has a technical base of more than 10 years, we must deal with the deployment on servers, various network environments, model equipment and regulations and laws in various countries.

The current system makes use of a Offline "punishment" and time banning real to detect cheaters or cheats. The first is based on those players who have a history of teaming up with known cheaters.

Tencent Games declares:

We have an imposed basis set in the number of times a player has been involved in cheating and the frequency of it, and that data is processed to impose offline punishment on those players.

How the system differentiates between skilled players and cheats

PUBG Mobile

A of the biggest concerns for PUBG Mobile It has been differentiating between the best players from those who use cheats with third-party software. He says so:

Although cheaters behave similar to players with higher skills In the game in some games, the use of third-party software to cheat leaves some traces on the client, the engine layer, and the lower level system layer. We have been able to build a technical advantage to detect those traces through continuous accumulation.

The team has implemented systems to monitor suspicious players. An example of this is the mechanism of data synchronization that records the flow of instructions to collect incredibly accurate data and that does not allow delegating to record from the client. In other words, they talk about how they can monitor the player's movement, character status and weapon use information.

And of course, this system called Project: Ban Pan He also delegates to the reports of vital players to be able to confirm suspicions about some cheater players. In fact there is a whole section dedicated to PUBG Mobile to be informed of those players who have reported ingame.