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You can now have a pokmon partner in Pokmon Go

Since Pokémon Go kicked off its number of active users has been declining over time. Some after seeing that it was not his type of game, others after reaching a point where they could do little, others have lost interest as their playmates abandoned him and others have ended up leaving the game after Niantic shares.

Now it comes for players who still do not open from time to time or daily to take a walk and capture pokemons a new update with a novelty that you will like and more controversial.

Choose a partner and earn candy by riding with him on Pokémon GO


The main addition in this update to the version 0.37.0 of the game is the possibility of choose one of your pokémons to walk with you. Once you select which one you want it will appear next to you in the lower left of the map and on your profile page.

The usefulness of this option is not to show off pokemon, because nobody can see your profile, but as you go traveling kilometers without changing partner pokemon, you will get pokemon candies that you have chosen

The amount of kilometers needed to get a single candy differs between different species, needing to travel for example 5 km for a Lapras, Eevee or Aerodactyl candy, 3 km for a Growlite, Squirtle, Bulbasur or Charmander and 1 km for a Magikarp, Pidgey, Caterpie or Weedle candy.

Blocked access from rooted devices in Pokémon GO


The controversy is served. To have root in a mobile gives us access to many functions thanks to the community of developers who use advanced system permissions. On the other hand, with root it is possible to harm the security of the data (that is why those of banks do not usually work with root) and cheat in games, as with Pokémon Go, where some used the root to establish false locations.

From Niantic, as they have made official in the announcement of this update, they have decided that Pokémon Go does not work with rooted terminals to avoid such traps and that the rest of the players can enjoy the game. Instead, we all know that not all rooted people cheated, not all traps used root, so time will tell how this affects the number of players.

In the meantime, we will continue waiting for a new tracking system of nearby pokemons that are still being tested in some major cities and other improvements, although this novelty will certainly help to give more importance to the main aspect of the game, walking.