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Xiaomi Mi Note pink direct to the female public

Xiaomi Mi Note rosa directo al público femenino

xiaomi mi note pink Price

That we do not stop talking about Xiaomi is a reality, but it is that these last weeks are being a real madness in front of presentations of the company itself. It does not stop presenting different devices, which more interesting, and we like this to the media a lot.

The news that I bring now has to do with the Xiaomi Note range, which is one of the best bets for the phablets, that we can find right now in the market. With its incredible specifications and its tight price, we have terminals that make you want to buy. In addition, their design is very careful.

Remember that the two versions of the range come with the latest in terms of hardware, competing with the great western companies. In the lower version we have a FullHD screen of 5.7 inchesa processor Snapdragon 801 and 3 GB of RAM.

For the "pro" version, we already have some very interesting specifications. The screen grows in resolution until the 2K, the processor also advances to the new Snapdragon 810 and the RAM is increased until 4GB.

As we see, the two terminals have specifications of high-end, so they are a great option for any market. But Xiaomi has not stood still, and has wanted to release a new version of the little brother of the family, the Mi Note.

Xiaomi Mi Note Pink

This version is very peculiar, since nothing changes software or hardware, It changes the design. But neither does the shape of the device change, if not the color. The new version of the device is completely pink. With this new version, Xiaomi opens the market for phablets to women, who, as the studies say, look for smaller terminals.

With this novelty you may Xiaomi win sales between the sheets with his pink Mi Note.

What do you think of this version? You like?