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Update WhatsApp to notify you when they send you a suspicious link

A few hours ago we told you that WhatsApp had modified the way we could share messages to minimize the reach of fake news or bulos.

Now we echo a story that is related to that and is that after the last update of the beta version of the application, WhatsApp notifies its users if the links they receive are suspicious, if they are links that try to replace the Identity of legitimate brands or businesses to defraud.

This modification of the application is new, although we already tell you that WhatsApp was working on it, but now it has been activated for all users worldwide.

How to update WhatsApp to have this feature

WhatsApp will notify you of dangerous links sent to you

What we have to do to be able to have this news is to update our version of the application to the latest beta, which has as number 2.18.221. You can also update from the Google Play Store if you are in the beta program.

From this moment, if they send you a suspicious link, a message will appear in the message itself, with a white text on a red background.

If we press a pop-up window will open that will indicate that this link is suspicious and that it is dangerous for us to visit it. However, if we still want to go to it we will simply have to click on Open link in that same window although We strongly encourage you not to do so.

WhatsApp continues adding measures

It is clear that the relevance that this courier service has taken as a communication tool exposes it to being the basis of all the spread of scams and scams that circulate on the network, and that is why it is so important that its developers take all Possible measures to avoid it.